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This is my first post from my new laptop

Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Does it look extra shiny?

Can you tell that I've moved my wine glass and other potential laptop hazards about a kilometer away from my keyboard. (Yes, it's a bit of a commute each time I want to take a sip of Chardonnay, but I'm not taking any chances in so far as the new laptop is concerned. I can't live through another year of laptop stress, and I know you can't either.)

For now I'm going to assume that we've found our way to laptop nirvana, and all those horrible problems that had me weeping and otherwise carrying on for 12 1/2 months are a thing of the past; and that the new machine (heretofore known as Mr. May 24, because he was officially registered on May 24th), is going to be perfectly behaved.

I think it's important to give credit where credit is due, so allow me to state the following:

1. Apple managed to get my new computer here within two business days of receiving my old computer. (Way to go, Apple! You totally rock! I have almost forgotten all the pain and suffering I experienced over the previous 12 1/2 months. Almost.)

2. Neil has been a real trooper over the previous two weeks. My Knight in Shining Armour gave up his iBook so that I could keep plugging away on my various speeches, magazine assignments, and so on. Neil, you have earned my nomination for Husband of the Year, and it's only May. (The personalized license plate and the fact that you cook dinner almost every night scored you big points, but the computer loaner was the clincher. You are my hero!)

3. Thank you, blog visitors, for listening to me whine and carry on when my laptop (and my life) were melting down. Why didn't any of you leave me "stop whining and get a life" comments? It's one of the mysteries of the universe. Thanks for being so nice. I owe you one.

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