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Attention Laptop Ladies: Sasha, Marla, Kat, Jen (MUBAR)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005
As I noted in my comment post of May 24th, I owe "laptop birthday" prizes to Sasha, Marla, Kat, and Jen (MUBAR).

I know I have a snail-mail address for Marla and I'm pretty sure I have one for Jen (I just have to double-check the disaster that passes for my "blogging buddies e-mail folder"!), but I don't think I've received emails from Sasha or Kat, passing along their snail mail info. Naturally, you are afraid that I am going to package up some of my office clutter and mail it to your house, disguised as a "prize." I would be afraid, too, if I were in your shoes. I will try emailing you both to see if I can provide adequate reassurance that I'm giving out legitimate prizes (not junk), and that I'm not an Internet stalker. Watch your in-box.

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