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Baby Names: The Mother of All Disasters in the Making

Thursday, June 16, 2005
I stumbled across this website today which contains a compendium of really, really bad baby names. We're talking names like Sharmonica, Wadine, D'Artagnan, Maxigan, Cinsere, and Cam'ron. But what makes the website even more fun to read are the deliciously sarcastic comments the webmistress adds after noting some of the really bad names she's stumbled across during her travels.

While you'll get a kick out of the entire site (unless, of course, you're humor-challenged or exceptionally politically correct, in which case you probably already hate my blog), I particularly enjoyed the mailbag. Bookmark this page and insist that your pregnant girlfriend read it before she saddles her poor, unsuspecting offspring with some unspeakably awful name made up of letters from random Scrabble tiles -- baby naming advice that is apparently dished out in one recent baby naming book!

| posted by Ann D @ 11:18 AM