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Back from My Super-Secret Writing Sabbatical

Monday, June 13, 2005
I spent the past five days at the cottage, hibernating by myself so that I could make some serious in-roads into the sleep book. It was great. The weather co-operated, which means that there were major rainstorms about three times a day, so that I didn't mind being inside the cottage, surrounded by books and other research materials. If it had been gloriously sunny, I might have been tempted to grab a novel and head outdoors.

I only hit a couple of minor rough spot.

First of all, I didn't have any Starbucks decaf with me, which forced me to drink the most horrible bargain brand decaf imaginable. (This was after I decided I'd pretty had to much caffeine and it was time to switch to decaf for the day.) I have no idea why Neil bought this horrible decaf in the first place, but I think I'm going to bury the rest in the ground as soon as I get up north. Of course, I'll make sure that I bring some Starbucks decaf with me so Neil isn't tempted to buy anymore rot-your-gut brand decaf. This stuff was disgusting.

Secondly, I forgot to bring spare tapes for my label maker and the firewire for recharging my iPod. Fortunately, my knight in shining armour (a.k.a. Neil) decided to drive up to the cottage for date night, and he brought me both items. What a guy!

All in all, I had a great time. My definition of total paradise (well, at least for a couple of days)? Being schedule-free and alone. How pathetic am I?


On the way home, I found a really neat Father's Day gift for my Dad. I would link to the gift, but even if I said "Don't click on the link, Dad," my Dad would click on the link. So I can't blog about the gift until next week.

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