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Hey, the Aliens Haven't Grabbed Me!

Monday, June 06, 2005
But you might assume that they've scooped me up and whisked me off to a place where moms with postpartum depression are judged harshly, given my silence of the past few days.

It's not that at all, you'll be relieved to hear. (And good thing for those aliens, because they'd be in for a lot of trouble once the doors of the spaceship closed. I'm not at all easy on people who get off on dissing other moms.) I've simply been working hard on the new book. I'm determined to get the first sleep book questionnaire out today, so I've had to focus on that pretty intensely.

Once I'm finished doing that, I can focus on other things, like responding to my blogmail, catching up on my email, updating my to do list (a very scary thought), posting the hotel contest winners' names, chasing after the laptop birthday prize winners to get their mailing addresses, etc.

I did manage to accomplish a few non-book things over the past few days, however.

1. I picked up the new Honda Pilot. Neil took a photo. I'll post it as soon as he uploads it from the camera.
2. I cleaned some parts of my office that haven't been explored since 2004.
3. I bought a bunch of organizing paraphernalia from Staples. (Hey, hope springs eternal.)

So how have you been?

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