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Hotel From Hell Winners

Tuesday, June 07, 2005
Okay, you guys. I am very happy to be staying home for at least the foreseeable future. You couldn't pay me to step foot in a hotel after re-reading your hotel from hell contest entries.

Blech. Gag. Yuck.

Anyway, without any further gagging from me, I am pleased to announce the winners.

[Drum roll]

Here goes:

1. Sharbean (near-death experiences always get first prize)
2. Bec (for the grossest towel story EVER)
3. Marla (for disgustingly vivid details about fellow hotel occupants, even though I wonder if I should be encouraging Marla to share such details on her blog).

Winners, please send me your snail mail addresses so that I can get your prizes off to you pronto! I know you'll want to receive your cockroaches -- I mean your nice hotel stuff -- as soon as possible.

| posted by Ann D @ 7:02 PM