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Playing the Role of the Decluttering Diva

Wednesday, June 22, 2005
I spent the weekend decluttering the kitchen in a major way.

Instead of keeping mismatched lids and plastic containers in the hope that they'd ultimately do well at some plastic containers singles dance and find a mate, I pitched them in the recycling bin. (It feels so good to be able to open my plastic container cupboard without triggering an avalanche.)

And, of course, I'm pretty pleased with my snazzy stackable recycling bins, the black-handled cutlery I picked up at Winners, and the green, yellow, and red dishes I purchased at Canadian Tire in order to get rid of our 1980s/1990s mismatched miscellaneous sets of cutlery, dishware, and mystery items that were basically making the kitchen a nightmarish place to be.

Of course, the coffee cupboard is my favorite cupboard. It's stocked with caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee from that place I mention far too often, plus herbal teas, a stove-top latte maker, and an assortment of non-tacky travel mugs that we've had forever, but couldn't find in all the clutter. (The tacky ones that don't have any lids met their demise during the last big kitchen cleanup.)

Who knew that decluttering could be so much fun?

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