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BlogHer Conference

Saturday, July 16, 2005
I sure wish I was one of the women going to BlogHer. What a fabulous dialogue they're going to have. I found out about the conference from Jenn (a.k.a. "Java Diva"), who is going to be there, along with other prominent "BlogHers," including dooce, finslippy, and Suburban Bliss. You can find a full list of the attendees on the BlogHer website.

Over on her site, Lisa Stone (a.k.a. "Surfette") does a great job of defining the term BlogHer:
My own addicted, late-night clicking has taught me that BlogHers are women with book deals, who write for newspapers and magazines as noted columnists, who shoot TV shows based on their bestsellers, who are decorated television journalists and all-around media industry strategists.

And that's the short list. Turns out that dozens of us attending BlogHer on July 30 are blogging our professional lives as writers. Whether we are trained journalists or published authors or industry specialists who write for our living, many of us are using blogs to break news and deliver information and data.

Here's what I added to Lisa's comment thread.

I want to write about new topics and to pursue more experimental types of writing because of what I've learned and experienced through blogging, the people I've met, and the ideas we've exchanged. Blogging has changed who I am as a writer and a person. It's been the coolest thing!

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