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Book Blitz

Friday, July 15, 2005
This is book blitz weekend. Neil's taken the three youngest kids up north so that I can try to get a lot of uninterrupted book writing done. (I don't think my editor wants my book to be submitted in sentence fragments. Experimental writing is more common in the world of fiction as opposed to non-fiction.)

The problem is that I'm obsessing about ten million things.

The fact that I've losing my childcare provider at the end of next month. The fact that I really need to find another part-time office assistant, but I don't have time to look for an office assistant (a Catch 22, if there ever was one).

The fact that Neil is going through a crazy/busy time at work at the same time that I'm trying to write my book.

The fact that my deadline is approaching more quickly than I want it to.

All of these thoughts are not making it easy to focus on the writing process, which is supposed to be blissful and zen-like, right? (NOT!)

I think I will do what I always do at times like this:

(1) practice my labor breathing
(2) focus on what I can do to get the words flowing again right now (without worrying about all the words that have yet to be written.

I can

(a) open the most fascinating research materials and type in more notes in point form
(b) write the paragraphs that start flowing naturally and see where that takes me
(c) read more of the amazing questionnaires from the parent panel and start typing in some of their answers.
(d) remind myself that writing a book is not a life and death matter. It will get written. I have done this before. (27 times before.) I have done far more difficult things before.

  • I have given birth.

  • I have survived the deaths of people I love.

  • I have lost weight.

  • I have re-gained most of that weight.

  • I have lost some of that weight again.

  • (Repeat the last three lines until you get tired of this. Warning: it gets tedious fast!)

  • I have gone clothing shopping with teenagers.

  • I have learned how to file every conceivable type of Canadian corporate government tax remittance.

  • I have been civil to people I don't particularly like.

  • I have cleaned toddler vomit out of my hair.

  • I have fought long and hard to get fair terms on book contracts.

  • I have read literature that was good for me.

  • I have taught four children how to share.

  • I have learned how to be patient with people who interrupt me when I'm reading.

  • I have stumbled across the bodies of dead mice and notified other family members that disposal is required.

  • I have admitted that I was wrong (even if I was positive I wasn't!)

So how hard can it be to finish writing a book?

Just because

  • it's summer

  • I have four kids at home

  • there are endless interruptions from all fronts

  • the book deadline clock is ticking like a time bomb?


I meant to finish this on a positive note.

I think I'd better go swing by The Wish Jar Journal to get seriously inspired. I'll be back soon.

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