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Forget Mary Poppins, I Need an Alice Nelson

Friday, July 15, 2005
Our childcare provider gave us notice last night that she's moving away right before school starts. She's going to be really hard to replace because (1) she's wonderful; and (2) she pinchhits when I'm away on book tours and she's able to cope equally well with an arts-and-crafts obsessed seven-year-old, a thirteen-year-old who wants to become a chef; a fifteen-year-old who is addicted to anything computer-related; and a seventeen-year-old teenaged girl who loves punk rock, pet rats, and anything offbeat or unusual.

I think I need a new age Alice Nelson -- someone who can pinch in on the homefront as needed and who can use a spreadsheet to keep the home office running smoothly. I don't know if I'm talking about a Person Friday or a Personal Assistant or a Fairy Godmother, or all of the above, but I have that awful suffocating Mother Doom feeling today.

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