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Planes, Computer Pains, and Alcohol

Thursday, July 21, 2005
I'm heading off to Washington, DC, this morning. I'm going to the Doulas of North America Conference. Should be very fun and I expect to learn a lot while I'm there, too. (A lot you are coming along for the ride, btw. I'm bringing a whack of sleep book questionnaires with me so that I can continue to write on the road.)

Anyway, Neil and I were hoping to spend some quality time together last night, but Mr. Gates had other plans for us, unfortunately. After Neil did a full backup of my computer system, something strange started to happen to Microsoft Office. It told me I didn't have permission to access any of my own Word documents. (Yes, the dreaded Error 10660 message. We got the problem fixed in the end, but only after about three hours of angst and one double vodka and OJ on my part.)

Anyway, I've been up since 5:00 AM and so far I'm none the worse for wear. However, I know from all my sleep book research that I will pay the price later in the day for only getting four hours of sleep last night (and alcohol-induced sleep, to boot). What was I thinking?

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