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The Trailer Park Cottagers

Friday, July 08, 2005
Reading about Marla's recent experiences at the wedding she'll never forget made me realize I have never introduced you guys to The Trailer Park Cottagers.

Picture this. The Lake where we cottage has about 12 cottages on it. Most weekends, only about three or four cottagers are up, and it's extremely quiet. You may hear one or two boats crossing the Lake on an entire weekend, and the only time you ever hear kids fighting are when our family is up at the Lake. (We're so proud.)

Anyway, last summer, some new people built a cottage up the road from the Lake. We're talking hard-drinking, hard-partying, pit-bull owning, fire-wood stealing cottagers who are capable of inventing swear words that could put The Trailer Park Boys to shame.

We've watched them boat out to other cottager's swimming docks to lather up with soap and shampoo.

We've seen them enjoy heavy-duty makeout sessions in the middle of the Lake.

We've watched them go canoeing with motorcycle helmets on their heads.

We've watched them try to tow an inflatable boat behind their boat. (They only succeeded in ripping the handles off the inflatable boat.)

We watched them discover after the fact that their Honda Civic wasn't strong enough to pull their boat and trailer out of the water. (The kids learned lots of new swear words that day.)

I think it would be really funny to send the Trailer Park Cottagers on an exchange trip to Muskoka so that they could shake things up a little over there. I think they'd make quite the impression.

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