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Aleta, Dani, and Rachel -- You're Famous (Again)

Thursday, August 11, 2005
I just spotted the Living Spree parenting resolutions article that I interviewed some of you for a while back. Aleta, Dani, Rachel, Sharon, and Melanie ended up being quoted in the article. (Note: A few of you others ended up being sacrified on the editorial cutting room floor. I hope to "recycle" your quotes in other articles so that your brilliant words don't end up going to waste.) The article continues for a few pages, so don't forget to keep hitting the arrow keys. And if you want hard copies for your files, make sure you print out copies now. Living Spree only keeps the current issue online until the next issue is published.

If anyone is interested, my parenting column can also be found in this issue (and every issue). It's on page 25.

| posted by Ann D @ 5:32 PM