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Blogging and Creativity

Thursday, August 18, 2005
I'm a more creative person because I blog.

I know it for a fact.

It's because I'm constantly exposed to new images and ideas (like the wacky photo montages and social observations that can only come from Marla), new ways of using language (just hop around MUBAR, A Little Pregnant, and Laid Off Dad if you want to give your vocab muscles a stretch in all kinds of different directions), and mind-bending ways of marrying image and design. (I could point to hundreds of different blogs that are wow-worthy for design reasons, but here are just a few that invariably take my breath away: Wish Jar Journal, Book Lust, and Penelope Illustration.)

It's also encouraged me to write more freely and push the creative envelope both on and off the blog.

So what do you think?

Has blogging made you more creative?

If so, how?

| posted by Ann D @ 5:43 PM