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Good Things Come in Surprise Packages

Thursday, August 11, 2005
cookbook coverJust a quick post to tell you about a very cool surprise that arrived in today's mail bag -- a book that I didin't even know was in the making! The book in question is Joanne Good's Hand-me-down Delicious: A Legacy of Most Loved Recipes.

Joanne tells me that she wrote the book after her dad died last year and left some funds for community projects. The net proceeds go to literacy groups in Alberta, including Literacy Alberta's Student Bursary Fund and a preschool program in Calgary. By Fall, funds will go to Ontario and beyond, via the national Parent-Child Mother Goose Program.

"The book is really an 'idea' of a cookbook that made sense to me after 27 years as a food writer and family issues reporter for the Calgary Herald and Canwest. I am convinced that recipes and literacy go together in the everyday need to eat, shop, cook, and hang out in the kitchen."

I love the fact that the book contains kitchen wisdom in addition to some to-die-for recipes (ice cream cake for special occasions, muesli for busy weekday mornings, and Mother-of-all Pizza Dough -- gotta love the name). Joanne says that she who cooks should not be doing cleanup (you said it, sister!) and insists that "Cooking is soulful. So, go slowly." She then wraps up her book with some very wise words that give you an indication of the real-world, from-the-heart approach you can expect from every page of this one-of-a-kind cookbook and feel-good read: "The more you know, the less you need. And that's a decent approach for just about anything."

Congratulations on this wonderful cookbook, Joanne. I love the recipes and the spirit of this cookbook, to say nothing of the fabulous photos and recipe cards that are sprinkled throughout. Thank you so much for sending me a copy.

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