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Heloise? Martha? Bob?

Sunday, August 21, 2005
dishesThis morning, my 14-year-old offered to make pancakes for my 7-year-old. I thought that was a really nice thing for him to do. The pancakes turned out really well and both boys enjoyed them thoroughly. There's just one small problem. One of my nicer frying pans ended up with baked-on black gunk cemented to the bottom of the pan.

I've managed to get most of the gunk off using steel wool. (It's a stainless steel pan, so it seems to be able to handle this type of abuse). I also tried boiling a small bit of water and baking soda in the pan. (I thought I'd read this in a kitchen tips book somewhere, but this is not something you should try at home, folks. I simply managed to create a huge mountain of baking soda bubbles. The 7-year-old found it wildly entertaining, but I did not -- probably because I had to clean the entire stove afterwards. Not so fun.)

Anyway, I'm just wondering if any of you Heloise-, Martha Stewart-, or Bob Vila-types have any tips to share on getting burned on black stuff off of stainless steel pans. (I thought I'd bring in Bob because it just occurred to me that a power-sander might not be a bad idea.)

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