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Now I'm Too Excited to Sleep

Wednesday, August 17, 2005
One of the amazing parents that I interviewed for my forthcoming sleep book told me about the sleep tracker over at Trixie Update.

What will be particularly fascinating to you if
(a) you are a geek like me who has been intensively researching infant sleep patterns or
(b) a sleep-deprived parent
is the data strip that Trixie's dad has included on the page (scroll down a bit). It captures the classically disorganized sleep patterns of Trixie when she was little, and then shows Trixie developing predictable sleep/wake rhythms. You can even find out how Trixie-the-toddler slept today. Isn't that too cool for words?!!!

(Thank you to sleep book panelist Chelsea for making my day. I mean night.)

So for those of you who have been wondering lately why on earth I do what I do (e.g., write books that require that I turn into a hermit for weeks at a time, getting horrendously behind on my email correspondence, neglecting all but the most necessary of office administrative tasks, etc.), it's because of moments of discovery like this -- when you find some cool tidbit of information or stumble across some supremely amazing factoid that makes your inner researcher want to do cartwheels.


(Okay, I'll go easy on the caffeine from now on.)

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