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Sleep Book Score

Monday, August 22, 2005
Good News: I have 131,000 words of my sleep book in draft form.

Bad News: The manuscript was supposed to come in at around 75,000 words.

Good News: I am really happy with what I have written so far.

elevatorbuttonsBad News: I still have a few more holes to plug in the manuscript before I will feel that I have done justice to this subject.

Good News: The words continue to flow well.

Bad News: [Can't think of any more bad news. I'll skip this round.]

Good News: My editor is being really understanding about the fact that my book is overlength and overdue.

Bad News: [Again, I'm stumped.]

Good News: I am learning tons about the subject of sleep and I think I have a lot of really interesting stuff to share with my readers.

Bad News: [The Bad News side decides to fold.]

Final Score: Good News: 5, Bad News: 2.

I can deal with that.

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