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Mr. Postman...

Thursday, September 29, 2005
The postman brought me a supremely cool gift yesterday. Well, actually it wasn't from him, it was from Marla. Not only did Marla send me four pieces of candy (since I have four kids, I kind of feel morally obliged to share those four pieces of candy with them): she also sent me my favourite flavour of brain candy: old parenting books.

There's a cute little gift book called Baby Dear by Pat Ross (published in 1993), which features quotes from vintage books. (One tidbit: "Sleep. During his first year this should be the baby's chief occupation." - Mary L Read, author of The Mothercraft Manual (1916).)

There's How to Care for Children, which features a June Cleaver-like mom checking on a blissfully sleeping child. What I particularly like about this book is the fact that some rebellious child has decided to "edit" the most obnoxiously perfect pictures out of the book by scribbling them out. Bye bye valium-empowered mom. Bye bye impossibly happy children. My crayon has gotten rid of you all.

Finally, my Fairy Book Mother chose to send me Feeding Babies and Toddlers by Jacki Passmore (1990), one of those upscale children's cookbook which features deliciously awful recipes like chicken carrot custard and chicken cream corn soup. Those would have really been big hits at our house when my kids were toddlersl.

Marla, thank you for these amazing books. They are certainly providing me with plenty of inspiration as I finish up work on the sleep book and plan ahead for the food book. (I'll dedicate the cream of chicken custard veggie supreme recipe to you!) :-)

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