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My Fabulous Weekend in Ottawa

Monday, September 12, 2005
I spent the weekend at the Baby Boom Show in Ottawa. The show was extremely well attended, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Jody Taylor, the Ottawa mom who "conceived" the show while on bedrest during her pregnancy.

Jody went out of her way to make me feel welcome from the moment I arrived at the show. (Actually, the warm welcome started far in advance of that. Jody has been sending me lovely emails for the past few years, inviting me to be a part of Baby Boom. (I couldn't participate in 2004 because I was out West at Baby Fair. But, Jody's persistence paid off because our schedules "clicked" this year and off to Ottawa I went.)

At the last minute, I invited Neil to tag along for what I spun as a "romantic weekend" -- okay, a "romantic weekend" with the opportunity to be my personal assistant at the Baby Boom Show. I was thrilled to discover that Neil and I make an excellent team when it comes to working well together on the road. He took care of getting my handouts photocopied, and then set up my display tables at the show. He even sat through all four of my presentations (the first time he's ever heard me speak) and didn't roll his eyes or laugh hysterically at the non-funny parts, or anything.

We also managed to hit Byward Market two nights in a row (one of my new "favourite places on the planet" and to test-drive various Starbucks outlets around town. (I love the one that's out in Nepean. If they had a shower, I would accidentally consider staying there during my next visit to Ottawa.)

I was thrilled to have the chance to "do lunch" with Dani, the day before she hopped on the plane.

And I got to meet Anna and a few other regular visitors to this blog.

The only black moment in an otherwise wonderful weekend came when Neil and I discovered -- in the hotel room -- that the replacement laptop that Apple sent me after my 13 months in repair hell (gasp!) appears to have a defective Ethernet modem or port. Neil has promised me that he is going to look into the problem tomorrow night.

I will keep you posted so that you can delete me from your blog links, should another round of Apple-induced misery be in the forecast for the near future.

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