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Banned Books Week

Saturday, October 01, 2005
If you're feeling in a feisty mood and you want to do something in honor of Banned Books Week (which ends today), you could try purchasing a book from the American Library Association's list of the most-banned books from 1990-2000 or 2004 or Forbidden Library's list of most-banned books -- and then giving that book to an ultra-conservative friend.

Then, in a few months' time, you could point out that your friend has had a banned book living in their house all these months. (A really dangerous book like Where's Waldo, James and the Giant Peach, or 1984.)

John Berry III once stated in Library Journal, "If your library is not 'unsafe,' it probably isn't doing its job." Can you imagine visiting a library that was only filled with safe, state-approved ideas? Now that's a scary thought....

| posted by Ann D @ 1:59 PM