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In Praise of Stalkers

Monday, October 24, 2005
I am happy to report that my beloved editor is now officially stalking me for sleep book chapters.

This is good news because I can tell all the people who are stalking me for other reasons that they have to back off because someone else has prior stalking rights.

This means that I'm (by necessity) ignoring most of my email and voice mail messages right now.

If you absolutely need to get a message to me, you could try aiming a paper airplane in my general direction. (Go with waterproof paper because it's raining in Peterborough today.)

You could always send an email via my beloved stalker-editor, but I suspect she'll hold it hostage until I get the next chapter in.

(Kids -- I promise I will still accept messages from you. Just knock twice and slip your notes under my office door. If you bring coffee, I'll even break for some mother-child bonding time.)

You know, having a stalker is highly underrated. It's nice to know that someone cares this much about my book. Of course, I occasionally get a rather frightening mental image of being fed into a printing press or a paper shredder, but that only serves to help keep me motivated to keep writing.

Stalkers. Everyone should have one.

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