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Internet Generation Next

Saturday, October 15, 2005
The Conference Board of Canada has a new study about parental concerns about Internet use in the classroom.

The researchers note:

"Nearly 56 percent of parents are concerned that their kids view only age-appropriate content when logging on from the classroom. Their second biggest worry -- voiced by half of all parent -- is about privacy and identity theft. Unsolicited email ranks a very close third. Some 49 percent of parents are irritated that they and their kids are bombarded by unsolicited email. Parents are also concerned about the spreading of viruses through file sharing and spyware devices (the monitoring of personal computers by unknown third parties.)"

Having heard my kids talk about how computer-savvy kids manage to bypass firewalls set up by the school board's computer techs, I think there's definitely reason for concern. Other studies by organizations such as the Ottawa-based Media Awareness Network have proven time and time again that today's generation of kids leave their parents in the cyberdust, when it comes to understanding and knowing how to manipulate new and emerging technologies.

And those of you with babies and toddlers -- just wait until your kids stop trying to drool on the computer mouse and actually start using it for what it's designed to do.... The computer world ain't seen nothing yet!

| posted by Ann D @ 10:55 AM