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Monkeying Around

Friday, October 14, 2005
While I was in Winnipeg, I had the chance to spend a few hours at the McNally Robinson bookstore at Grant Park plaza. (McNally Robinson is bookselling powerhouse -- a truly inspiring independent bookstore success story. They've also become a Canadian cultural icon.)

While I was in the store, I had the opportunity to hang out in the children's department with some parents and kids (e.g., two extremely adorable toddlers -- Katie and Seth), doing media interviews on a variety of health and parenting-related issues.

I also had the chance to meet Tory McNally, a member of the second generation of bookselling McNallys. (I had the pleasure of meeting her mother, Holly McNally, during my first trip to the store back in 1999.) Tory and her staff made me feel completely at ease and pretty much let me turn their children's department into my "home away from home" for a couple of hours. It was pretty cool to hang out in the forest in the children's department, with stuffed monkeys swinging over my head. It felt just like home!

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