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Quick Check-In From Me....

Thursday, October 13, 2005
It was great to hear from Leanne, who sent me an email earlier today to let me know that she has really missed "the blog."

I have not updated in the past week because I have been insanely busy.

I was in Ottawa last Friday presenting at the Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths conference. (I was speaking about how losing a child through stillbirth affects the entire landscape of parenting.)

As fate would have it, Friday marked the nine year anniversary of the day I found out that my daughter had died in utero. She was stillborn on October 9th, 1996.

After I arrived home from Ottawa after a really bad "wrong turn" (I ended up in Arnprior by mistake!), Neil and I and the kids headed up north for a final weekend of cottaging. We still have a bit of cleaning up to do, but we won't be sleeping over any longer because the cottage isn't winterized. It makes me sad to have to shut up for another season, especially because I didn't get to spend much time at the cottage this year. (I spent most of the summer in the city working on the sleep book.)

On Tuesday, I flew to Winnipeg at 8:00 am. For some insane reason, the airport shuttle insisted on picking me up at 2:00 am. (I got up at 1:00 am so that I could have my shower.) That left me with a lot of spare time to kill at the airport. Fortunately, the relaxation gods were smiling upon me. When I was in line at Starbucks at around 6:00 am on Tuesday morning, I happened to bump into my friend and neighbour Janet. We both thoroughly enjoyed the time to "do coffee" together while we were waiting for our respective flights -- hers to Bermuda, mine to Winnipeg.

I arrived home last night at midnight. (Air Canada was late, the shuttle was late, and we got stuck in traffic forever.)

I managed to pick up The Mother of All Head Colds at some point during the past week. Flying with a head cold is pretty miserable, as I found out first-hand last night. I ended up holding on to my ears as the airplane descended. OUCH! (So this is why you should never travel with a baby with an ear infection. Now I know.)

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