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A SIDS Mom Weighs in on the Tummy Sleeping Issue

Sunday, October 23, 2005
This comment from a SIDS mom who posted in the comments section in response to Sarah Gilbert's recent post about tummy sleeping after being quoted in The New York Times article on this subject provides a very wise perspective on the issue.

Given all the things we can't do to keep our kids safe, why take a chance on one of the things we can? the mom in question, Laurie Mamola, asks.

Here's a quote from her post.

"I am a parent of eight children, all tummy sleepers, all nursed on demand, we don't smoke, drink or do drugs, all slept with us and all thrived. Except my 8th. I worried more about her, she slept in her own crib, next to me. She slept on her tummy and she died in her sleep at 39 days old....I, too, am an experienced mother who can make up her own mind without a bunch of doctors telling me not to do what mothers have done for millenia, nor what I've already successfully done for 20 years of parenting. BUT, I've learned more about SIDS than ANY parent would ever want to know. And here's the reason for putting babies on their backs. It's called a triple risk model. Imagine 3 circles all intersecting in one small triangular section in the middle. Each circle representing one risk factor, all of which need to be present for SIDS to occur. One circle represents the baby's age, birth to 1 year. Risk One. The other represents external challenges to the baby: overheating, deep, REM sleep, overheating, re-breathing, all of which can occur when a baby is on their tummy. Risk Two. The third is the great unknown....The theory is then, eliminate Risk Two, and baby has a better chance to live. Honestly, many babies die at their mama's breast, in a stroller, in a front pack, on daddy's shoulder, so this is not an absolute, but if I had to do it over again and I could have eliminated the one last risk factor that IS known, I would have put my precious, beloved Sophia on her back. You can visit Sophia and read her story on sidsfamilies.com, Heaven's Nursery, page 78."

| posted by Ann D @ 8:10 PM