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Death and Taxes

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Here's a rather sobering question from Angela Hoy, given that you can't take them with you: when authors die, what happens to their books?

And since we're speaking about inevitable fates, I'll pass along this story: a local man suffered a fatal heart attack after delivering an impassioned address at Peterborough City Council the other night. He was speaking against the market value assessment taxation system in Ontario. There's a lovely death notice in today's Peterborough Examiner which notes that the gentleman in question had died "following a brilliant presentation to Peterborough city council and in company with a large delegation, defending the basic rights of all people." The obituary continues: "Gordon shared a common name but he was not a common man and exhibited incredible wit and unremitting compassion for others....In respecting Gordon's wishes, cremation will take place and a personal service within the hearts of all those who knew him will serve as a remembrance to his life on earth." We should all live so well and be deserving of such an obituary when we pass on.

| posted by Ann D @ 2:58 PM