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Friday, November 18, 2005
The New Newpaper Boy is really getting under Kid Number Three's skin. (Kid Number Three recently gave up that very same paper route, so he's not exactly an objective bystander where this particular newspaper route -- or newspaper boy -- is concerned.)

For one thing, the kid's mother is basically doing the route for him. (Kid Number Three considers this "cheating" and I'm not about to try to try to make any kind of argument in favour of mothers doing paper routes in case this gets used against me at some future date.)

And then there's the fact that The New Newspaper Boy handed out a note which sounds like it was written by Eddie Haskell: "I have been doing this for two weeks [metatext: don't mix me up with the bad paperboy who just gave up the route] and just wanted to make sure you are happy with my service."

The clincher for Kid Number Three was when The New Paperboy rang the doorbell and asked if we were happy with where he was putting the newspaper on the porch. (His mother suggested that he should do that.) "We're very happy, thanks," I said.

And we are. The service has improved tremendously since The New Paperboy came on board. That's why Kid Number Three is so bitter.

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