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How the Wealthy Women of Toronto Define "Disgusting"

Sunday, November 06, 2005
According to a story in today's Toronto Star, hell is having discount fashion retailer Winners open up in the so-called "mink mile" on Bloor Street between Yonge Street and Avenue Road. "Disgusting," said one particularly put-out member of Toronto's shopping and spending elite.

Of course, the women of Toronto that you'd actually want to spend time with have been shopping at Winners for a very long time (and loving it). (What's not to love about a store that devotes a couple of aisles to fun and funky purses in every color imaginable?) And these very same women reserve their disgust for things that are actually worth getting disgusted about.

And, I can't imagine that Marla has been losing sleep about the opening of the downtown Winners store, unless it's because she's eager to go there. (Marla has found some very cool outfits during the time I've been reading her blog.)

The attitude of the rich and disgusted woman makes me want to take my entire family shopping at the downtown Winners during the busy Christmas season. That way, we can take up valuable sidewalk space outside Holt Renfrew and other pricey boutiques. Heck, I might even send the kids in to see if the store staff will let them use the washroom....

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