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LibraryThing, Corner Gas

Wednesday, November 02, 2005
I love LibraryThing. I mean, I really, really love LibraryThing. And I just keep coming up with new and cool ways of doing things with it. (I guess you could say I've got a thing for LibraryThing.)

Last night, I created a LibraryThing list that instantly displays a list of the books in my library that I have written. There are even little comments about some of the books. I'll be adding more of that stuff as time permits, along with some of my foreign editions. (I'm hoping Tim, the guru behind LibraryThing, will eventually allow users to upload cover images themselves when cover images are not available from other sources, because then I could scan in my foreign cover images myself. I'd love to be able to show you guys how the Chinese and Korean editions of some of my books look. They are very cool.)

I've also embedded some content-specific LibraryThing lists in my sidebar that showcase some of the books in my library that relate to a particular topic (e.g., my collection of "momoirs," some of my favorite books about the writing life, some books about Canadian women, etc.)

And while you're exploring the sidebar, you may want to check out the random list of great things about being Canadian that I put together. I was inspired by Dani's recent post about Corner Gas. Naturally, it made the list. I even included snow. I'm not sure why.

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