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Quick and Random Thoughts

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
1. I am really impressed by what this blogger has started up. Cool idea!

2. Don't take this blogger anywhere near a store window containing desserts. She pasted her entire body to one on Bloor Street when I was with her on Saturday. (We "did lunch" after my toddler group at The Ella Centre).

3. I have been playing with the new tagging function over at Amazon.com. Highly addictive, but nowhere near as cool as Librarything.com.

4. Speaking of LibraryThing.com, I think I will email Tim to suggest that he sell LibraryThing.com lifetime membership gift certificates as Christmas presents. They would make the ideal Christmas gift for some people I know and they sure would be easy to wrap.

5. So all the sleep book gurus are changing teams. Interesting. I find it quite amusing that the folks at the two extreme ends of the sleep debate have reached the exact same conclusion at almost the exact same time: no one sleep solution works for all babies. Mothers have known that all along.

| posted by Ann D @ 10:22 AM