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Postcards from the Sleep Deprivation Lab

Thursday, December 01, 2005
This is a cautionary tale about what happens to your brain the day after coffee starts tasting blechy.

I decided it was time to put money in the bank (as opposed to just taking it out) so I filled out my business bank deposit book and went to the branch that's closest to Starbucks. The teller (who, thankfully, knows me) gently pointed out that I had written the wrong account number on the back of all of my cheques. (I had made up an account number that was a blend of my personal bank account number and my business bank account number. Unfortunately, these guys don't give you extra marks for creativity.)

So the next time you think you're feeling pretty normal after not getting very much sleep for a very long time, you might want to ask for a second opinion. I got my second opinion from the bank teller. She suggested that I not attempt anything risky or complicated today. I will resist the temptation to juggle knives or to otherwise engage in any of my usual fun and reckless daytime endeavours.

PS -- Thank you for all your lovely posts below. I am scared to reply to them right now because when I first loaded my blog, I got a pure black page. That's never happened to me before. I think I should quit while I'm ahead and back away from the computer.

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