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That's "Ta Da" -- Not "To Do"!

Friday, December 02, 2005
Okay, you've got a few things to make lists of at this time of year.

There's the list of things you have to buy for people. (Here are two items that belong in the "those things actually still exist" category: this book and these containers. Got anyone on your list you want to play mind games with?)

There's the list of things you wouldn't mind receiving for Christmas. If you haven't started your list yet, here are a few items you might want to put on your holiday wish list: Now You Mombo, the LUSH Christmas Soap Stack, the Levenger Perpetual Journal.

And then there's the list of all the things you actually have to accomplish between now and Christmas Day. Like catching a virus so that you're too sick to attend the Christmas cookie exchange you (insanely) agreed to attend in a moment of weakness. Like spreading that virus to your spouse so that you can opt out of his office Christmas party. Like sending out the Christmas cards.

So how are you going to keep it all together, so that you don't start acting like some crazy, sleep-deprived author?
tada list logo
What you need is to start yourself a TaDaList. I just found the site a few weeks ago, and I'm totally hooked. You can create these cool online to do lists for yourself and share them with other people (e.g., potential application: delegating chores to other people). You can email them to yourself or monitor any changes to your lists via RSS feeds. So check it out. What have you got to lose but the mental clutter that's making you stressed out and grumpy during the season of good cheer -- or supposedly good cheer. (They do tend to oversell this time of year just a tad, don't you think?)

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