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Why I Blog

Friday, December 09, 2005
I'm being interviewed by a reporter who is working on a story on moms and blogging. I started making a list to explain why I blog. Thought I'd post it to my blog in case any of you want to comment on or add to my list. Here's it is.

Why I blog

  • So that I can share information, ideas, and other resources that I've come across in my travels -- information that could be useful to some other mother.

  • So that I can keep in touch with other moms I've met while exploring the "momosphere".

  • So I have a place to experiment with types of writing that I might not have the chance to try in my "day job" as a journalist and author.

  • Because it's fun.

  • Because it gives me an opportunity to capture outtakes from my family's life -- moments that I might not otherwise take the time to record. (I'm not a "baby book" type mom, and I've never been the kind of mom who keeps a detailed journal either. But blogging has come naturally to me for some reason, perhaps because it's something I can do whenever I am inspired, with no pressure to make it a daily habit -- although it often has been a daily habit for me.)

  • Because it allows me to initiate a dialogue with other mothers on issues that I believe are important -- or to react to stories that are in the media, something that I have read on the Web or in another mother's blog. In other words, it allows me to engage in an ongoing dialogue about motherhood with anyone who drops by my blog, or whose blog I choose to visit.

  • Because mother-bloggers are such interesting people. They tend to be smart, articulate, well-read, opinionated, and passionate about motherhood. (Check out the links in my sidebar and you'll see what I mean. BTW -- I have about another 40 to 50 links bookmarked and ready to add to my sidebar, which means that pretty soon I'm going to have to start an overflow page. Time to start rethinking the structure of my blog. But that's fun, too, which brings me to yet another reason I love blogging -- it challenges my creativity on the artistic/design/computer level. Those are skills I've had to develop in order to thrive in the blogosphere.)

  • To feel less alone when I'm having The Mother of All Bad Days.

  • To celebrate those wonderful moments as a mother -- those moments that make the bad days a lot less painful.

  • To seek information, clarity, resources, and/or support when I'm struggling with a particular issue as a mother. It's like having the entire "momosphere" standing behind you, ready to lend support when you need it. There's an incredible spirit of sharing amongst bloggers. You receive support and you give back.

I'm going to keep adding to this list, I'm sure, but I'd love to hear what you have to say. If you're a mom who blogs, do you blog for any of the same reasons as I do? What other reasons do you blog?


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