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Calendar Makeover

Sunday, January 15, 2006
It seems to me that if there were three months in danger of being voted out of the calendar, they would be November, January, and February: November, because it's such a dreary month and because holiday panic has already set in; January, because holiday letdown is hitting you hard and you've got all those lovely bills to pay; and February, because the world has turned to slush along with your hopes of spring actually arriving this year.

So if you were given a nice juicy consulting contract and told that you could cut one month from the calendar and add an additional month to any other season you choose, what would you cut and what would you add?
Here's my answer.

I'd definitely chop November. Unless you're a masochist who likes rain every day, falling leaves, and the constant radio reminders that there are only so many shopping days until Christmas, there's not a single redeeming feature of that totally depressing month. It even starts out with a negative word -- no.

And as for the month I'm adding in, I suggest splicing a new month in right between September and October -- a totally lovely time of year. Mamatember would be a month-long mandatory month of pampering for mothers. Moms would be treated to in-home spa treatments, catered meals, and other luxuries. (Of course, the moms would be so refreshed by mid-month that they'd be kind and share some of the pampering with the Dads. Fair's fair.)

So now it's your turn to play calendar makeover. What month would you lose and what month would you gain if you were in charge?

| posted by Ann D @ 9:42 AM