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The Febreze Fairy to the Rescue

Monday, January 30, 2006
Okay, this is a little eerie. I just got a free sample of Febreeze Noticeables delivered to my door. The product is assembled and working wonders on what was becoming a rather unpleasant blend of coffee, hamburger, and nacho odors. (Some things just don't go well together, especially first thing in the morning.) We installed the gizmo in the downstairs bathroom to give it its initial workout. I can already smell it in my office, which is a few walls away. (We've got it set on maximum scent, so we may have to turn down the scent volume. My previous experience with Febreze products tells me that "maximum" may be overkill.) We'll give it the real test later on by trying it out in one of the teenage boy's bedrooms. If it can to battle with eau de teenage boy, the folks at Febreeze will have a customer for life. (Or at least the next ten years.)

| posted by Ann D @ 10:03 AM