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Music and Friendship

Saturday, January 14, 2006
Here's something lovely to give yourself today: Sarah Harmer singing Spanish Eyes. It's an iTunes Exclusive, so you can only get it at the iTunes Music Store. I found it there when I was purchasing a bunch of tracks from the iTunes Maple Ladies collection. (Strangely, some of the tracks in the collection are no longer available for download, even though the collection was just launched on December 13th. Yes, December 13th, my birthday, Marla.)

I owe you guys some answers to some writing questions. I don't have the blogging focus right now, which is why my posts have been short and flightly lately. The big streams of words are flowing into the book. But the book is almost finished and I'll soon be back to posting way too many times per day. Thanks for your patience and support.

And speaking of support, one person who shall remain nameless gave me some lovely support in the middle of the night when I was feeling a bit blue: a few emails zipped back and forth at 1:17, 1:18, 1:43...and then I lost track. It's nice to have friends with young children when you're a writer up late nursing an overdue book. It can be a very lonely feeling.

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