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Shower Power

Saturday, January 21, 2006
If you're planning a shower for a friend who is about to have a baby, the best gift you can give her is a guided tour of life on Planet Mom. Here are five fun ways to give your party guests a chance to pass along their best advice to the mom-to-be.

1. Picture Perfect Advice: Create a poster for your friend that features an eye-catching photo (perhaps a shot of your friend's very pregnant belly). Ask each guest to jot her favourite tip on the poster as she arrives.

2. AdviceCam: Most shower guests are natural-born hams and will welcome the opportunity to offer on-camera advice. By the end of the party, you'll have a one-of-a-kind motherhood video to pass along to your friend.

3. Recipe for Success:
Include an index card with each baby shower invite, and ask each party guest to jot down her best advice on the card.

4. First Year Survival Guide:
Purchase a scrapbook and ask party guests to jot their best bits of mother wisdom on to pages dedicated to such themes as "chasing down the sandman," "taming the laundry monster," and "making time for romance." Voila! The ultimate first year survival guide!

5. Postcards from the Edge: Ask each party guest to purchase a postcard which best symbolizes what the early weeks of motherhood will be like (a mountain climbing expedition? swinging from a trapeze?) and to include their best mothering advice on the back. Let them know that if they include their favourite quote about motherhood, they'll be eligible to win a special door prize (a collection of quotations about motherhood, naturally!)

(Excerpted from a baby shower article I wrote for Living Spree last year.)

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