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Chapter One -- Boy Meets Girl

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
I guess it's only fitting that my knight in shining armor first came to my rescue in a library. (I'd managed to get one of those magazine holders jammed halfway up and halfway down.) It was 1978 and we were both high school students living in Mississauga. I was 14 and he was 15. A few weeks later, we started going out. Neil popped the question (the "do you want to go out with me?" question) behind the library.

We both shared a love of reading. That passion for books and ideas is just part of the glue that has kept us together through the years. There's also a tremendous amount of mutual respect and love.

Neil is my greatest supporter when I'm working crazy hours trying to finish a book, taking care of our four kids, making meals (he's making spaghetti while I blog), and making endless trips to Starbucks to keep the coffee flowing. (My hero!)

I dedicated my first book to Neil and I will be dedicating the book I'm writing right now to him, too. It's the 28th book I've written, and none of those books would have been written without his love and support. I really lucked out in love.

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Postscript: And love is cleaning up vomit together when the eight year old gags on cough syrup on Valentine's Day.... How come the Hallmark cards always miss that one?

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