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Thursday, February 16, 2006
I have had a couple of truly amazing conversations and emails today -- totally uplifting, spirit-affirming, I-want-to-do cartwheels at 12:30 am kind of conversations. A friend emailed me to tell me how much a phone call I made to her last week meant to her. Another friend -- someone I only met recently -- told me that she felt an instant connection with me the moment she met me: that she knew from the moment we first met (and she heard me telling a crazy purse story) that we would be friends. I had this really from-the-heart email from someone who had read something that I had written, and who felt moved to write to reach out. On days like this, I have to remind myself to pause, breathe in, and savor this moment. This is the payoff for everything that I do -- the sense of contributing to the world, of connecting with other people, and of making a difference in some way. It feels soooo good.

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