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Get the Glow

Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Wondering what to do with your Shoppers Drugmart Optimum points? why not treat yourself to a one-year subscription to Glow? The magazine has been totally remade under the editorial guidance of editor-in-chief Beth Thompson, who has given the magazine a really strong health focus. Anyone who has ever read any of the magazines that have benefitted from Beth's editorial guidance -- Healthy Woman, Zellers Family, and Living Spree -- knows that Glow will distinguish itself with really smartly written, well-researched articles and a "feel great about yourself" approach to looking and feeling good (as opposed to a "become someone else's sex toy/Stepford girlfriend/plaything") beauty guilt guide.

You're probably wondering why I'm telling you this. Well, not only am I one of Beth's biggest fans -- I have worked with Beth at all of the magazines mentioned above and have learned something new everytime I've contributed an article to any of Beth's publications: Glow is carrying my brand new "Compendi-Mom" column (a collection of fun facts and figures focusing on everything mom) starting with the March/April issue. (You'll find it on page M29. My byline is somewhat hidden in the magazine's spine -- the hot new design trend these days -- so you'll have to go looking for it if you want to see my name in print.) I've also written some longer health features for the magazine, which will start showing up in subsequent issues.

I'm really impressed by the new Glow (especially the way that they're getting real moms to test-drive and rate a bunch of consumer products: if you go to the Glow website you can volunteer to be one of those moms). After all, it's that mom-in-the-trenches opinion that we all want to hear.

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