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Parcel Paranoia

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Well, if my editor didn't think I was a nutbar a week ago, by now she's no doubt convinced. The parcel (the one with the used magazines) that she very kindly dropped off on my sister's porch on Friday afternoon has mysteriously showed up in the mail at my editor's house again. I have emailed my sister to see if she has any idea how the magazines got back to J.'s house again. Will keep you posted. (No pun intended.)

At least I won't have to worry about having to meet any future book publishing deadlines. Everyone in the industry is going to have me pegged as a nutbar who stalks editors while they are on maternity leave by repeatedly sending them the same box of used magazines.


Mystery solved!

My sister writes:
"Our mailman is notoriously unreliable and we always get the wrong mail
by mistake. People on our street got sick of bringing things back to
the Post Office and they started just leaving things in their mailboxes
with a note to the mailman - "Please redeliver." Perhaps he thought that
the box had been misdelivered?"

So my sister and I have decided that J. should keep the used magazines. I will find other Douglas hand-me-downs to pass along to my sister and her kids. Clearly the universe really, really wants J. to have these used issues of Highlights. How else can you explain two accidental misdeliveries of the same parcel?

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