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Your Belly and Your Baby -- Big TV Stars!

Friday, February 10, 2006
From the mailbag:

Are you Expecting A Baby? Be On Life Networks Birth Days.

Are you having a baby between late-February and mid-May 2006?

How would you like a top-of-the-line broadcast quality documentary about the birth of your child and the first few weeks of your family's new life?

Birth Days -- the successor to the Life's Birth Stories -- is looking for expectant parents to be on TV and star in the show.

We need families from Toronto and surrounding areas due before mid-May 2006, as well as families who reflect the multicultural diversity of our city.

For more information contact Linda at (416) 531-2500 x136 or email birthdays@nextfilm.ca

Birth Days airs Thursday nights at 9:30pm EST on Life.

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