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Club Mom Wants YOU, Mommy Blogger

Wednesday, March 15, 2006
And they're willing to pay decent money, if they end up hiring you for one of their mom blogging positions.

(As you may recall, I'm one of the site's (so-called) parenting experts, so I just got this in my in-box. They've invited me to apply, but I thought I'd throw this opportunity out to all the rest of you. I'm not sure I have time to apply for this, even though it sounds like a really cool opportunity. Anyway, here's the scoop from ClubMom headquarters:

If you are unfamiliar with ClubMom, it is the website where millions of moms go for real-mom information, mom-to-mom connections, and rewards. We are impressed with your blog and would like to share some exciting opportunities we have available for bloggers.

We are inviting you to apply for any of the opportunities summarized below. Furthermore, we would be most appreciative if you would blog about these opportunities, spread the word to your network, and generally help us find the best Moms possible to fill these roles.

We will start out launching a number of topical blogs on ClubMom. Initially, we're aiming to have ten blogs but that number can change based on the quality of the applications that we receive. We are looking for diverse voices on diverse topics including blogs on pregnancy, homeschooling, single moms, starting a new diet, celebrity gossip, family finances, running for office, making a difference, and other topics based on your recommendations (additional topics and descriptions are included on the application form). Compensation: $500 per month for each topical blog (5 posts per week will be expected); in addition, 10,000 ClubMom Points per month which can be redeemed for great rewards from the ClubMom Rewards Catalog including gift cards, spa services, movies, etc.; plus performance based bonus.

We will also launch "The Best of Mom Blogs Editorial Round-Up." We are looking for someone to launch this blog who has a great and distinct voice and, hopefully, someone who has already developed a following for her existing blog. This round-up will describe and point to the most interesting and compelling Mom blogs -- in and outside of ClubMom. Compensation: $1,000 per month; in addition, 20,000 ClubMom Points per month; plus performance based bonus

Applications for the above mentioned opportunities are available on this blog and are due by March 30th.

We want to get the word out to millions of moms and plan on promoting the Blogs on ClubMom through a number of channels including placement on the home page including a featured Mom Blogger of the day; links throughout the site and on relevant channel pages; integration into newsletters; a separate Blogger index page; PR initiatives; and much more. Our PR initiatives will be kicked off in April with the goal of making a splash around Mother's Day and beyond.

We encourage you to apply for the opportunities above and to spread the word!

- The ClubMom Team

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