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Food Issues Article

Thursday, March 02, 2006
I am writing an article about real women and weight issues. I'm specifically interested in talking to

1. a new mom who gained extra weight during her pregnancy and who is looking to lose that weight in a healthy way
2. a woman who has had a problem with "stress eating" -- and who has come up some strategies for dealing with stress eating
3. a woman in her 30s/40s who has seen a few pounds creep on recently, and who is trying to tackle those pounds in a healthy way
4. a woman who has always struggled with a weight problem and who can talk about the frustration of being overweight and getting on and off "the diet rollercoaster"
5. a woman who is a binge eater or who has had a previous struggle with an eating disorder and who can talk about what kind of things can act as triggers when you struggle with food issues.

Please email me (use "food issues article" as your subject line) at ann@having-a-baby.com if you fit one of these profiles, you're Canadian, and you'd be willing to talk to me about your experiences.


| posted by Ann D @ 6:06 PM