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Hot Fantasies Over Hot Coffee

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
1. I'll get my in-box down to "zero unread email messages" without cheating and opening a new in-box.

2. My office will be so lacking in clutter that someone will ask me if this is where I actually do my work.

3. Coffee will finally achieve food group status.

4. The doula concept will spread to all areas of life. It will be possible to hire a home office doula to help you survive the "birth" of your business; a cooking doula, to help you to set up your kitchen and teach you some cooking basics; and a relaxation doula, who can teach you the art of unwinding, if that doesn't happen to come naturally to you.

5. Cottage season will magically become 8 months long rather than 4 months long (okay, 4 1/2 months long if you want to get technical). (Only 76 days left until the Friday of the May 24th weekend.)

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