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She's Funny That Way

Tuesday, March 28, 2006
So Shelley wants us to out the funny gal in our life -- the one who makes us laugh out loud in front of our computer screen or double over laughing while we're strolling down the sidewalk or shopping at Winners.

The funniest gal I have met in a long time is a blogger you may know.


  • has a sweet faced, sweet-potato lovin' daughter;

  • is head-over-heels in love with a guy who isn't merely a hopeless romantic: he's also a damned good sport;

  • does the most outrageous things, like throwing herself against bakery windows;

  • says totally wacked things to make you laugh when you really shouldn't be laughing (like once when I was speaking in front of a group, she put up her hand and asked, "Who is that little man behind the curtain?"); and

  • if you ever get her to consult on a book of yours, you will live to read her outrageous margin notes and comments.

She's good for the soul.

And the funny thing about Marla is that some of the funniest things she blogs about end up making you cry. Funny how that works.

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