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What I Did During the March Break

Sunday, March 19, 2006
We took the kids away for a couple of days to enjoy a mini-vacation. (Okay, a mini-vacation interrupted by my going to the Wiley offices to sign 200 books for the Sleep book panel members, plus a bunch more for giveaways, but that's my idea of fun, so whatever. We all have our own, twisted ideas of fun.)

Anyway, we were staying at this medium-prized hotel (when you've got a large family and you need two rooms every night, you tend not to stay at the super-posh places). On Friday night, Neil decided to catch a movie with our oldest, so I stayed back at the hotel with the three boys. Around 11 pm, a really nasty domestic fight broke out in the hall, with one guy threatening to kill another guy. (It sounded like a really bad episode of C.O.P.S. going down, except the only thing between the very angry guys and the woman they were saying not-very-nice things about was a hotel room door and the door hardware I suddenly didn't have all that much faith in. I wasn't sure if they had weapons -- it sounded like they had weapons -- so I told all three boys to get away from the door and to stay on the side of the wall behind the bathtub because the ceramic tiles would protect them. (On closer inspection, I realized it was a fiberglass tub surround. I will have to do some investigating to find out how well tub surrounds stop bullets. I'm not thinking I'm going to be overly impressed.) Anyway, I called the front desk and they apologized for the inconvenience and advised me to keep the kids in the room. A while later, the police showed up and took "the bad guy" away and let the other people go to Tim Horton's. (I told you this was made for TV.) The whole thing was over by the time Neil and our oldest got back from the movie. Luckily, the eight-year-old (who was initially very scared) wasn't too traumatized by the experience. He just wanted to be sure that the police took the bad guy away. I assured him that the police wouldn't let bad people go to Tim Horton's.

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