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Body Confidence and Yummy Food

Monday, April 24, 2006
I discovered I actually have another article in this month's Glow -- the article on body confidence that starts on page 133 and continues through the body image timeline on page 140.

Other breaking news. If you don't live in the Peterborough/Lakefield area, you just got a good reason to move up here. My friend Sharon has just opened up an amazing organic and healthy foods store in Lakefield. It's called The Market and it's right on Highway 28, just a few doors south of the Lakefield Tim Horton's, in the same plaza as the Subway outlet. The store carries super-fresh (and huge, lush) fruits and vegetables, gourmet pasta, yummy pasta sauces (I bought two types of Thai sauce on Saturday night), fresh baked goods and other foods from local producers, and so much more that I can hardly even stand to type any longer because I'm getting hungry and it's two more hours until Prince Charming arrives home to start making dinner. The good news is that everything in the store is super healthy and really reasonably priced. The even better news is that it's situated one-quarter of the way between my home and my cottage. Serendipity or what? Any Stoney Lake cottagers will also want to make note of the store's location. It couldn't be more convenient for you folks. I've told Sharon she needs to get a blog (she's a professional writer, too) so that she can start posting recipes and food tips and other interesting stuff so that the rest of the world can benefit from her new store, even if they may not be able to go there in person very often. She thinks she's going to do that, so hopefully we'll soon be benefitting from her culinary wisdom in cyberspace.

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