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Cleaner Confidential, Makeover Madness, and More....

Thursday, April 13, 2006
By now, I am sure a lot of my long-time blogging buddies/readers have been coming up with very creative theories to explain this almost unheard of gap in my blogging activity. For example:

1. I finally ran out of things to say. (Great theory, but highly unlikely given that I am a writer.)

2. Starbucks Peterborough ran out of coffee, and hence there was a writer fuel crisis. (Horrible thought. Almost too horrible to even think about. But it popped into my head nonetheless, perhaps because I caught up on a lot of episodes of Dead Like Me last night and the night before. I do so love that show.)

3. I have been busy gearing up for book promotion season. (Yes.)

4. I am still decluttering my office. (Yes. And, as an aside, my house was so messy last week when the cleaners showed up to try to clean it one day when I was out of town that they walked out! I kid you not. I don't know what my family did in my absence, but the house was officially declared uncleanable. Luckily, the cleaners came back yesterday -- in other words, we weren't black-listed for good -- and they told me it was mainly a matter of clutter EVERYWHERE, but it was embarrassing. We've dealt with this cleaning service for a long time and this is the first time they've ever declared our house too clutter-ridden to clean. What would Martha think?)

5. I have been blogging elsewhere. (Yes. Here and here. But this blog will always be my first love, so don't assume I'm becoming a three-timing floozy, who is blogging around.)

6. I took some time to pamper myself, finally. (Yes. This was actually a bit of forced pampering initially. Wiley sent me to Civello at Yonge/Lawrence, so that I could get a new look for the spring book tour season. There is an increased risk that you may mistake me for a supermodel, but I think the odds are still relatively low. I had a fabulous day at the salon/spa, getting my "natural highlights" (e.g., roots) colored, getting a funky new hairdo, learning how to use a flat iron, and learning how to do my makeup properly. Did you know that you're not supposed to put concealer on first -- and that you're not supposed to slather it on with the applicator wand? I did not.) I also picked up a few outfits and accessories to take on tour -- some green things and some non-green things.

7. I've been doing some cooking rather than merely writing about mealtime solutions. (Yes. And my eight-year-old kitchen sidekick has really taken to the whole foods kitchen makeover with great gusto; the sixteen year old, on the other hand, has been smuggling in contraband spongey white bread. You can't win 'em all over, you know.)

8. I've been catching up on my sleep after months (like 9 1/2 months -- enough time to have a baby!) of burning the candle at both ends.

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